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Master of Arts in Humanities

Concentration in Jewish Classical Education

Join a movement to reimagine Jewish education—a movement new in our time, but deeply rooted in Jewish history.

A humanities degree unlike any other.

Tikvah has partnered with the University of Dallas, one of the world leaders in classical education, to offer an M.A. in Humanities with a concentration in Jewish Classical Education. This master’s degree is the only program of its kind in the world—a deep-dive into the history, culture, and ideas of Western Civilization animated by the belief that the Jewish people have held an exceptional place within the human story. Our program equips established and aspiring educators to teach the best of Western culture from a Jewish perspective while also enhancing their ability to teach traditional Judaic studies.

We are looking for “Menorah Jews.”

If Jews and Judaism are truly summoned to be “a light unto the nations”—a moral and metaphysical Menorah to the world—then the purpose of Jewish education is to kindle that light. And that Jewish light depends on educating committed Jews who understand and care about their exceptional role in history, who bring Jewish wisdom into the civilizational arena, and who incorporate the best of Western culture into Jewish life. This is the mission of Jewish classical education: to build a movement of civilizational renewal that looks to the past heights of human excellence as a guide to the future, and that does so with a Jewish mind and Jewish heart.

Sebastiano Conca, Alexander the Great in the Temple of Jerusalem,

Join a cohort of thoughtful, committed colleagues.

This master's is a dream come true. I never thought I would be able to go back to school while working full time and find a program with such a meaningful mission.  The program has opened up for me the possibility of new career paths.

Cecilia Michelson

Luxury Retail Sales Associate

I have been able to tailor my course of studies to fit gaps in my knowledge and better prepare myself to present students with a complete perspective on the good, the true, and the beautiful in human civilization.

Sandor Farkas

Graduate Student and Officer in the Vermont Army National Guard

I have gained a new perspective on how Jewish education can utilize the finest elements of the Western tradition. Whether one’s focus is homeschooling, school teaching, or adult learning initiatives, I believe this program would be enormously rewarding.

Maayan Meir

Editor and lecturer at Tikvah Israel

As an author and researcher in the fields of western philosophy and mysticism, I was always interested in having a deeper understanding of Jewish sources. This program has given me a better understanding of my Jewish identity.

Dr. Nili Alon Amit

Associate Director, StandWithUs Holocaust Education Center

We are not dealing with the latest fads and buzzwords in education. We are studying what the greatest minds in the Jewish and western canon have thought. My studies have given me deeper insight into the foundational ideas I teach my students in Tanakh and Talmud classes.

Rabbi Rick Schindelheim

Judaic Studies Coordinator & Teacher, Fuchs Mizrachi Upper School, Cleveland

The Lobel program offers a uniquely high level of textual learning that I haven’t experienced anywhere else.

Penina Spearman

Graduate Student

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